Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Qual-ET, the Teacher’s school offers a 10 month “Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education” for students, aspiring teachers, parents and those who are interested in guiding and grooming young children. This unique and enriching program offers fundamental knowledge and skills for those willing to work with young children and meets both academic and ‘On the Job’ Training requirements in a school setting.

Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education


Graduate in any discipline or higher secondary with English as the medium of learning
Aged above 18 years.

Program Design:

Practical work in a school setting: 5 days a week, 5 hours per class.
Theory classes: 1 day a week for 5 hours.
Experience certificate will be provided upon completion

Assessment of Trainees

  1. A continuous assessment of practical knowladge and participation with children.
  2. One term examination.
  3. Examination of the teaching practice.

On successful completion of the program the students will be able to

  • Be an effective teacher in any regular or kindergarten school of international repute.
  • Understand young children and their development.
  • Design a curriculum for pre and play school.
  • Counsel parents in handling young children.
  • Set up, administer and operate a day care center, preschool or kindergarten school.
  • Equip children to face the challenges of tomorrow.
Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education2


Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education3
  • On the Job training.
  • First Aid training certificate from Apollo Hospitals.
  • Comprehensive content
  • Expert Delivery team
  • 100 % placement in top schools.
  • Experience certificate.