The Importance of Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development importance for children

Early Childhood Education helps children in laying the foundation for future learning. When the children reach school going age, they are expected to have specific language, cognitive, motor and social skills to handle the needs of the classroom.

Children reach milestones stage by stage. For example, a two year old child can hold a pencil or crayon and can only scribble. A three year old can draw shapes and objects. A four or five year old can imagine and draw and will be able to write letters. When children receive good care, a nutritious diet and learning opportunities when they are young, they have a better chance to grow up healthy, do well in school, and reach their highest potential.

Importance of a Teacher/ Early Childhood Educator

  • A Teacher / Early childhood educator plays an important role in a child’s life. The teachers have the responsibility of grooming children to become successful leaders of tomorrow. Teachers are the main source of knowledge and values for children.
  • Qual-ET Teacher’s school offers Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Certificate course in Early Childhood Education. The course enables a comprehensive understanding of children from birth till the age of twelve years.
  • On the Job training is provided with the Advanced Diploma course.
  • The Placement cell assists all the students to get recruited into top schools.
Importance of Teacher Early Childhood Educator

Benefits of Teacher’s School Programs

Benefits of Teacher's School Programs
  • Be an effective teacher in any regular or kindergarten school of international repute.
  • Understand young children and their development.
  • Design a curriculum for pre and play school.
  • Council parents in handling young children.
  • Set up, administer and operate a day care centre, preschool or kindergarten school.
  • Equip children to face the challenges of tomorrow.