Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll?

  • People who enjoy and love working with children
  • People who are already working as teachers and would like an Early Childhood Diploma.
  • People currently working as childcare providers and would like to enrich their existing program.
  • People who are running their own schools or willing to start their schools
  • Parents who would like to understand their children better.

How do I benefit from these programs?

The following are the benefits that you can yield from this program.

  • Be an effective teacher in any school.
  • Understand children and their development
  • Design a curriculum for Pre-school
  • Council parents in handling young children
  • Setup, administer and operate a day care centre, Pre-school or kindergarten school

How long does it take to complete the program?

The Advanced Diploma in Pre and Primary Education takes 10 months to complete. The Diploma in Early Childhood Education takes 6 months to complete and the certificate course takes 3 months to complete.

What is the eligibility for these programs?

Graduate in any discipline with English as the medium aged above 18 years.

Do I need to complete the course within an allotted time frame?

Yes. The course has to be completed within the duration to receive the certificate.

Will I have to take a written test at the end of the course?

Yes. There will be two sets of written tests, one per semester.

Why is classroom experience important?

Having a classroom experience enables the students to get exposure to teaching and handling a group of children. We believe that the practical classes will help the students learn about children better and gain teaching experience at the same time.

How many graduates successfully acquire employment?

All our students have got placements in reputed schools. Some of our students are working in Kanchana Paati as well.

Am I able to teach with just this diploma?

Yes. You will be eligible to teach children till their primary classes.

How does your course differ from the courses offered?

The Advanced & general Diploma course is a comprehensive curriculum covering Child Development and nutrition along with teaching methodologies, English and practical classes. We also train the students on First Aid. We provide a complete learning experience for our students.

How can I contact the Training Centre?

Kindly click on the tab “Contact Us” to get the details of the training centre.