INaWORD is our multi-lingual language training partner


INaWORD is a multi-lingual language institute that was set up in 2000, with the aim of imparting high-quality language training to students at different levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

INaWORD conducts foreign language classes in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English for adults and young learners, individuals and corporate clients.

• The accent is on the spoken word; learning is developed in small groups in an interactive, warm and friendly atmosphere.

• Handled by a team of highly skilled instructors, the courses focus on improving conversational skills and other aspects of foreign language learning through role play methods, lively discussion, extensive use of audio-visual aids and other state-of-the-art teaching materials.

INaWORD conducts language classes in Qual-ET’s Kilpauk, Annanagar and Nungambakkam centers.